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 I am a seventh grade student at Lake Braddock Secondary School. I began playing the violin in 2nd grade, and I still play it today in the orchestra at Lake Braddock. I also play field hockey in the spring. I also sing in my church choir. At home, I love reading any book I can find and I enjoy playing with my three cats- Mudslide, Bombay, and Copper- and my two dogs-Chubbs and Bear. My favorite thing to do is read books. I have a younger sister who is in 4th grade. I also enjoy researching interesting topics and writing stories.

  My robotics journey started when I was in 5th grade, on our first FLL team. Before that, when I was in 4th grade, I was also on an Odyssey of the Mind team with Reira  and Minah, and our team went to the Worlds competition as well. In the future, I would like to continue working in robotics and computer science.

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 I am a seventh grader at Robinson Secondary School. I play the viola and I write for our online newspaper. I have two older siblings, a brother who is a freshman, and a sister who is a junior. I run track and field in the spring, field hockey in the fall, and swimming in the summer. My best running event is the 400 meter, which is one lap around the track. I just started field hockey this year and so far I am really enjoying it. My best stroke in swimming is butterfly. My favorite drink is root beer and my favorite candy is Skittles. I have one cat that we named Blitzen because we got him on December 24. I have loved robotics since the first practice  and I can't wait for worlds.

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  I am a seventh grader in Lake Braddock Secondary School. I also have a second degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do. I have been doing  martial arts, for 5 years and recently switched to karate. I have one younger brother who is in the 4th grade and does soccer. I have three dachshunds that go by the names Twix , Oreo, and Skittles.

  My robotics journey started in the 4th grade in a mixed team of 5 boys and two girls, me and Minah. I was also in a Odyssey of the Mind team during the same time. Our Odyssey of the Mind team made it to Worlds. It was a trip we would never forget. Ever since then, I've wanted the chance and opportunity to do worlds again and now I finally get that chance.

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I am currently a seventh grader at Lake Braddock Secondary School. Along with competing in First Lego League, I also swim competitively and my favorite events are the 200 yard backstroke and the 500 yard freestyle. Along with swimming, I also play golf and basketball. I have a dog named Sweetie, a rabbit named S'mores, and a cat named Tater Tot. In my free time, I love to build three-dimensional model LEGO buildings as well as practicing hand lettering and calligraphy. I am half Korean and I love Korean food and culture.

Before I started competing in Lego, I was on an Odyssey of the Mind team with Emma and Reira. I started competing in First Lego League when I was in 4th grade. We are an all-girl team and have competed together for the past three years. This will be our first time going to the FIRST LEGO League Worlds Championship in Detroit, Michigan. We are very excited and grateful to have this incredible opportunity.

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